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Iain Duncan Smith "Craig Oliver's is one of a growing number of foolish attempts by ex-government Remainers who lost to shift responsibility for their failure. "The grown-up thing for them to do, instead of carping, is to show some humility and get behind Theresa May as she seeks to get back control of migration with the EU as we leave." Mr Duncan Smith said far from failing to support Mr Cameron in his bid to get a better deal with the EU, Mrs May made her backing for tougher migration controls quite clear. In response, Sir Craig said Mr Duncan Smith appeared to have got the "wrong end of the stick". "I have not made the specific allegations he claims," he said. "The book is a sincere and honest

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attempt to explain what went wrong; and I take full responsibility for the mistakes made by the campaign." Image caption Sir Craig Oliver (left) was Downing Street director of communications for five years Sir Craig's book, titled Unleashing Demons: The Inside Story Of Brexit, is being serialised in the Mail on Sunday . Neither Downing Street nor Foreign Secretary Mr Johnson have responded. Speaking on the Murnaghan programme on Sky News, Conservative Party chairman Sir Patrick McLoughlin said he did not think it was true "at all" that Mrs May had let down Mr Cameron. "Theresa May during the referendum campaign made her position very clear, " he said. "This is a book that has been written after the event. You have got to have certain spicy things in a book to sell it.

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Yet in the CBS program , which aired this Sunday and Monday, a new review of old evidence leads an investigative team, including a forensic scientist, a pathologist, a criminal behavioral analyst and a former FBI profiler, to conclude

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that it was probably Burke who killed JonBenet. Pointing to evidence that the slain 6-year-old had some undigested pineapple in her stomach at the time of her death, the investigative team suggests that JonBenet must have taken a piece of her brothers pineapple, prompting him to strike his sister on the head with a flashlight in a fit of rage. During his Thursday interview with Yahoo News, Wood passionately rejected the documentarysconclusion. Lets get the facts and the evidence out there, hesaid. JonBenet didnt die from a blow to the head. She died from strangulation with the garrote and the rope that was around her neck. Thats the physical evidence, uncontroverted from the autopsy. The blow to her head was delivered shortly after her death, he added. Perimortem. Wood went on to argue that the whole premise of the show is false in saying that she died from a blow to the head. They put up a charade to try to fool the public that this was a legitimate new investigation when it was anything but that, he said. JonBenet Ramseys brother, Burke, spends time at her grave at St.

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Penney launching the fast-fashion Belle + Sky line and Sears Holdings debuting Now + Here. Continue Reading Below ADVERTISEMENT Lack of staying power However, the excess of wannabes and a dicey economy has led to a slowdown in fast fashion's rise. Aside from sales faltering at Abercrombie and Gap, even H&M has experienced a tougher environment that makes its business model of opening ever-more stores a more difficult and sprawling operation to manage. It now has some 4,000 stores in 62 markets. Sales in the second quarter rose only 2% from the year-ago period, and profits tumbled 17%, below even analysts' lowered expectations.The weakened market for its fashions has led it to branch out into new directions , including introducing lines of sportswear, makeup, and even home furnishings. There is concern that those diversions are a mistake, that by moving away from its core competency, it risks "deworsifying," in the words of investing legend Peter Lynch. But even in its main fashion business, it might be compounding its errors. Lacking good taste Back when Abercrombie & Fitch was at the top of the teen retail industry, it boorishly held itself to an elitist standard refusing to carry clothes bigger than a size 10. Its then-CEO Michael Jeffries was quoted as saying,

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"That's why we hire good-looking people in our stores.

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