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Why? It's all because tweens have become obsessed with making homemade slime . The glue is in high demand because it's the main ingredient needed to recreate the ooey gooey substance and some stores are selling out

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of it fast, according to PEOPLE . If you're wondering how the craze started, it's not because kids are watching reruns of the Nickelodeon hit You Can't Do That On Television , but rather that the DIY trend is all over social media. Search the hashtag #slime on Instagram and you'll find nearly 2 million posts! Many Instagrammers in these viral posts play with the makeshift substance, which can be decorated with bright colors, glitter, beads, and other fun additions. According to the Philadelphia Inquirer , Elmer's Glue reported an increase in sales in the second half of 2016, with their retail sales more than doubling in December compared to last year's monthly report. The company has even joined in on the homemade slime trend by releasing its own "Homemade Glitter Gak" recipe. Now, some parents are having trouble finding Elmer's Glue at their local stores. In New Jersey, a mom told local publication Tap Into Westfield that Target has been sold out of the glue for weeks, and the Philadelphia Inquirer shared the story of another family who visited three major retailers-Target, Walmart, and Michaels-before ordering online. Can you really blame these kids for wanting to make their own homemade slime, though?

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